It’s Complicated.

I’ve been off Twitter for a bit so the gender debates have become less prominent in my life. Someone recently pointed out that a well known comedy writer has been bombarded with abuse for questioning trans activism, so I had a little look. In amongst all the bots and the usual trans fanatics I saw lots of people (mostly men) screaming ‘TRANS WOMEN ARE WOMEN’ but offering no back-up to these claims. The frustrating part of the whole debate is the lack of critical thinking or acknowledgement of how complicated the issue is. So I shall now try and list various questions that never seem to get answered, however many times they are asked.

1. What is a woman?

This is a biggy. At the moment the TA line is ‘anyone who says they are a woman’. Women are saying that this is sexist and regressive because if being a woman isn’t based on biology the only thing left is stereotypes. Women who reject gender are still women, so any definition that doesn’t include biology makes no sense. A woman isn’t a feeling inside a man’s head. Feeling an affinity with gender stereotypes doesn’t make you change sex.

2. What is a trans person?

I believe this is the link in the chain where the biggest misunderstandings lie. Trans used to mean a person who has (or was in the process of) medically transitioned to give them the features of the opposite sex. These people suffer from body dysphoria, which I know to be crippling and extremely painful to the person concerned. Many people with dysphoria recover without physical medical intervention, but for the few that don’t then surgery is considered the best option. These people have always (and will always) received support and love from the feminist community. The problem lies with the recent expansion of the word trans to include anyone and everyone. What was a tiny percentage of the population has grown to include transvestites, autogynephiles (men who get sexually aroused at themselves dressed as women), non-binary (people who don’t identify as anything) and anyone with a blue fringe.
So if you are going to argue about trans rights and demand that women give up their safe spaces, then you really need to be clear what you mean by trans. If you are happy to allow men with fetishes into places where women and children get naked then you may have to rethink your values.

3. Is homosexuality transphobic?

Current trans dogma say that if you choose your partner based on their biological sex, rather than their gender identity, then you are transphobic. This is where a denial of biology leads us. If you spent years arguing with homophobes that sexuality is not a choice, this new batch of woke dudes are here to remind you that you are wrong. They are telling lesbians that if they won’t ‘suck lady dick’ then they are bigots. Lesbians are being battered (both literally and figuratively) at the moment and anyone who speaks up for them is being labelled a transphobe. If you believe that homoSEXuality is real, then you are a TERF. Oh, and if you are a heterosexual dude are you prepared to suck a lady dick if the owner identifies as a woman? If you say no then you are a transphobe under current ideology, so think on before you shout TERF from your high horse. Ditto to gay dudes who reject cunilingus.

4. Is biology real?

Unbelievably there are people arguing that biology is a social construct and that gender is innate. Obviously this is bollocks, but if you repeat a lie enough it becomes the truth. If we change the protections for female spaces from sex (provable) to gender (not provable) them basically we have completely overturned all the things that feminists fought so hard for. We must cater for vulnerable people with dysphoria, but not at the expense of 52% of the population.

5. Should male bodied people be allowed in female sports?

This is an area where I think the hard-core trans activists are shooting themselves in the foot. When you see a biological male, who has done absolutely nothing to transition, beating girls in sports then everyone’s instinct is to cry ‘CHEAT’. By insisting on being included in everything they are highlighting the very problems that women have been concerned about. Same applies to men who feel they can represent women in politics. Lipstick does not compensate for lack of experience.

6. Should we be concerned about the effects of puberty blockers on children ?

Many concerns about the current situation revolve around child welfare. Giving puberty blockers to young children is relatively new and the side-effects are not yet fully known, yet evidence suggests that they are far from benign. From infertility to brittle bones, if we can prevent children from a lifetime of health problems then surely it is our duty to do so? The figures for trans suicides have been widely debunked, yet keep getting quoted by people who should know better. The reality is that roughly 80% of dysphoric children recover without medical intervention, but this number drops sharply if transition is started. Puberty is a bloody difficult time for children and wanting to escape from societal gender expectations is perfectly understandable. Girls are suddenly objectified and boys are expected to become robots. Let’s fight to get rid of these stereotypes instead of watching children think they’ve got to actually switch sides. Women will always try and shield children from abuse and calling us bigots isn’t going to change that. If we can prevent one unnecessary castration or mastectomy then it will be worth it.

7. Should women and girls be allowed to set boundaries?

This is a huge question. In the time of Me Too, when the full extent of sexual assault became known, women are still being blamed for their own attacks. We need to be able to tell girls that they have full autonomy over their own bodies, yet there are people who are gaslighting them into thinking this is bigotry. It is perfectly acceptable for a girl to not want a penis in her changing room and she should not feel afraid to speak out.

8. Are TERF and cis slurs?

For the first one check out, and the answer is definitely yes. It’s the new witch, cunt, bitch all wrapped up in turd coloured paper to appear progressive.

We’re told cis means ‘doesn’t identify as trans’. Women don’t identify as women – we just are. Giving people a label for everything they are not is laughable. Do we have to be cis teapots or cis cars? We choose to be called women and anything else is literal violence.

If you want to protect vulnerable trans people and let them live their lives without abuse or fear of violence then hurrah – we are on the same side. If you want to allow trans dogma to reduce women’s safeguards, to validate the identity of misogynistic males then I’m afraid this is where we part company. All I’m asking is that if you genuinely support women, children and people with dysphoria then you take a second to think of how this is not a case of black and white but many, many shades of grey.

Just to be clear trans activism is harmful to women and people with genuine dysphoria. When you are on the Internet screaming TERF, without considering all the many complications involved in the dogma, then the only people you are helping are the misogynists. But maybe you knew that already?

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