Watching The TERFS

Let’s rewind three years. I’m new to this place called Twitter, I’m finding my feet and who to follow. I like a bit of politics, so I follow a few commentators including Owen Jones. I also try and find the feminist community, a few comedians and off I go.

I soon notice that the feminists are really angry about something. They have a bee in their bonnets about trans issues. Hold on, I think. The rad-fem community have always been the kindest, most passionate of all the groups I’ve socialised with. They were always allies with the transsexuals and vice versa – why have they suddenly turned against them? I was disappointed, but curious so I decided to sit back and watch from afar.

And it unfolds gradually before my eyes:

Owen Jones calls them bigots for not accepting that lesbians should suck ‘female dick’. They ask Owen if he would give cunnilingus to a trans man. He calls them homophobic. He calls the women who marched, so that he could be openly gay, ‘homophobic ‘.

I learn that every man who cross dresses must be treated like a woman and given access to female safe spaces. Hold on, I think; everyone knows that there are a myriad of reasons men like to dress in ‘women’s ‘ clothing. This has always been known. A few suffer from dysphoria, some make a living as drag queens, many are fetishists, and some have a pathological hatred of women. Why is the narrative treating them all like innocent angels?

I see many people sticking their oar in, shouting at the women to SHUT UP.

I see the anime avis so beloved of the paedophiles saying that children as young as three can know their ‘gender’ and can choose to change sex. Because if a child can consent to a sex change then they can consent to sex. Amirite nonces? No surprise that these vermin want a slice of the PIE.

I see the lefty dudes shouting TERF at any woman who won’t say that biology isn’t real. That a dress turns a man into a woman. Go and tell your mothers that biology isn’t real you utter pricks. Go on. Look her in the eye and tell her that everything she risked bringing you into the world meant fuck all. But will you shag a trans woman they are asked? God no, they all say. Every single one of them.

I see a young man in a pinafore claiming to be a lesbian but saying that homosexuality is transphobic. In fact, he says everything is transphobic. He is a woman’s representative, with a penis, who hates women. Well done Labour Party.

I click on #girlslikeus and see account after account of grown men living out their sexual fetishes. Dressed up as grotesque parodies of what they think a woman should be, with pictures of their dicks peeping out of cheap, nylon crotchless knickers.

I see white middle-class narcissists fed up with being left out of the oppression Olympics calling themselves ‘non-binary’. They say they do not identity as either a man or a woman. Well, tough shit you attention seeking twats – you can’t identify out of reality. What you are wearing is non-stereotypical clothes. Big. Fucking. Deal. FYI – these will not protect you from getting pregnant or getting someone pregnant. I grew up in the 70s and 80s. Bowie and Boy George did it first and SO much better. Grow up and fuck off.

I see people in power too scared to speak the truth. Christ knows how we got to this. But shitting over women is always easier than standing up to entitled men. Changes to the GRA act erase ‘woman’. Womanhood becomes a club that anyone can join and we are not allowed a say? Maybe we should rename it Masonhood? No-one would dare to mess with that baby. Anyway – huge fuck off to all the cowardly MPs who are happy to sign away women’s rights because they lost their backbone at the ballot box.

I see men, who would lose their shit if they saw a 6ft man follow their daughter into a changing room, lie that they see trans women as real women. And just remember when your daughter says she wants to mutilate her body because she doesn’t fit feminine standards – you were warned.

I see genuine trans people getting braver, finding each other and speaking out against this cult which makes them look like a bunch of science denying idiots. They are trans. They are proud. They know their biology. They do not want to invade women’s spaces. I watch them get abuse. They are brave. I am proud to call them my sisters.

I see people tying themselves in knots trying to explain how men know what it means to be a woman over actual women. Misogyny is cool again.

I see the cult physically attacking women for daring to query changes to the law. And the woke lefty dudes telling them they were asking for it.

I see good women being questioned by police for speaking the truth. Orwellian times abound.

I see wilful denial of the reality of male violence. In the midst of #MeToo men are trying to argue that other men wouldn’t pretend to identify as a woman to get access to female spaces. This blind ignorance that we laugh at the right for, has passed over to the left. “Haha at your religious indoctrination, climate change denial, racist beliefs. But, yes, I believe that a female soul can inhabit a male body, even if it sometimes leaves after psychiatric care”

I see grown men invading women’s sports. They call themselves women. I call them cowardly cheats.

I see rapists with full male genitalia being locked up with vulnerable female prisoners. I see them raping incarcerated women. Male feelz overriding women’s safety.

I see extremists trying to say the earth is flat, damaging trans acceptance. The vulnerable people with genuine dysphoria know this. Sadly, the narrative has been hijacked by the autogynephiles and is harmful to women, dysphoric people and the LGB community. How can they be part of a group that denies that homosexuality is real? When you have men calling themselves trans-lesbians and telling lesbians that they are transphobic, how do you not see the nasty side of trans activism?

I see a lefty comedian, whose beret must be a bit too tight, saying he changes from being a man to a woman depending on how he feels. Woman is a fancy-dress costume to the diehard misogynists.

I see and read pages and pages of vile threats and hatred towards biological women. The MRAs have found a way to appear woke. Well done lefty men.

I see women getting angry. Really fucking angry. When you tell 52% of the population that the very source of their oppression doesn’t exist, that a feeling in a man’s head is more important than all the sex based rights that their grandmothers and mothers fought for, then don’t expect them to keep quiet.

If you still want to shout TERF, then go ahead. It is a great warning code to show you are a danger to women. So if you use it, I assume you are either very, very fucking stupid or a misogynist. Or most probably both.

I see you. Women see you.

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Angry Bird

Mother of boys and non-boys.

32 thoughts on “Watching The TERFS”

  1. Thanks for writing this, it is so true. First time I got called TERF I didn’t even know what one is. Its funny as I’m hardly a radical anything. But this whole thing has me really worried. My kids are being told all sorts of claptrap about how you can choose your gender or how people can be in the wrong body. It’s so wrong to make kids think there is something wrong with them if girls like football or boys like dollies. I’m sure that in 15 years time there are going to be a lot of very angry & upset young people who’ve had their health and future taken away because of all this. I heard some mum on the telly say about her trans kid her ‘daughter’ needed hormones and operations to be ‘her true self’. Can these people not hear themselves. We all need to start speaking out, I know it’s scary but we must or its our kids will pay a heavy price.

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  2. This is such a great piece & describes perfectly my journey to ‘TERFism’. All these lefty dudes telling women what we must say & think, reducing womanhood to a ‘feeling’ or a set of stereotypes, yelling at us to SHUT UP… Most of them were in nappies while we ‘TERFS’ were out there, putting ourselves on the line, fighting for LGBT equality, campaigning for our trans friends’ rights etc etc… And now OUR rights are under threat. All the spaces, opportunities, organisations we fought SO hard for are being ripped away from us. The tiny little corner we’ve managed to carve out for ourselves after 50+ years of feminism are being dismantled and / or handed over to the biologically male. It makes me so angry. We’re being thrown under the bus.

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    1. The way I see it, they are the ones who like women and feel affinity with us, dress in a normal woman way, want to fit in with us and be like us. This new batch hate women, feel no affinity with us, dress in a highly sexualised manner, and bring with them bolshy male entitlement. Hope that helps.

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  3. Thank you for this article. I, too, did not know what a TERF was. Had to google it. I am very motivated to get involved and not look away, really because of the way this ideology is being pushed on to children. Very grateful for the contacts in this thread. Just to let people know that CitizenGo organised a conference in Madrid called Sex and Gender, which was held in February. All videos are on YouTube. Just search for CitizenGo. Some really excellent presentations. To end on a positive note, out of the blue my 16 year old son announced to me that he had been thinking about ‘this transgender issue’ and in his opinion it is really sexist. That was good to hear.

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  4. A trans woman, genuine or not, is a man. Any genuine body dysmorphic ‘trans’ person will tell you that they are the sex they were born. Check out Miranda Yardley.

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  5. For clarity, I know that our Trans Allies are not actually sisters. I use that term as a way of highlighting that the men, who know they are men, behave in a far more sisterly way then the male thugs who demand it.

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  6. Great article beautifully written. Thank you. It should be required reading for teenage boys and recommended to girls to let them see that they don’t have to accommodate this corrosive male fetish to be progressive.


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