Woke logic

Scene – A lefty dude is addressing his local Labour Party committee.

Hello, I have come here today to talk about my new identity as a black man. It has been very difficult to ‘come out’ and I hope you will all respect my life choice .

What do you mean you identify as black? We can quite clearly see you’re white ; so you want us to pretend?

I may look white outwardly, but once I’ve raised enough from my Patreon I will book in for sunbed sessions and a proper perm. This Rastacap will have to do for now.

Man, do you know how offensive this is? You can’t ‘black up’ – it’s incredibly racist.

Are you denying my right to identify as I choose? As I feel deep down? I am going to lead the Black Lives Matter march next year.

You can’t just identify as black. That’s not how these things work. Black people have been oppressed forever, not because of an inner identity, but because white people have used racial stereotypes to portray them as a lesser being. You can’t possibly stand up at a BLM rally and talk to black people about your experiences as a POC! You’d have to be an utter narcissist to even consider it.

People were openly mocking me when I wore an afro wig down the pub. I am MORE oppressed than any black person could ever know.

But the oppressor can’t become the oppressed . And you can’t force people to play along with your delusions. That’s madness.

You are a bigot.

You are a racist.

How can I be a racist when I am literally black?

But you’re white. I am looking at you with my actual eyes and you are white. How can you possibly know what it’s like to suffer a lifetime of racism?

I know better because I have had to work for my blackness.

What the hell are you talking about? You have put on an offensive, stereotypical costume and you think this makes you black?

I feel like a black man. I have a black brain.

Are you fucking kidding me? A BLACK BRAIN!? This is white supremacist shit. Human brains are not divided by colour. That’s not how biology works.

Hold on. When Derek turned up wearing a dress and demanded to be called a woman, you all supported him.


Why is that different? Why is it okay to say that women are just a costume, but not POC?

Don’t be ridiculous, of course it’s different.

But why?

Because they’re only women and it’s about time someone slapped those uppity bitches down. Who cares what they think? Get them back in the kitchen and let the men show them how to be proper women.

Fair enough. Now where are those forms for me to apply to be a BAME representative?

Say whxt you see. (content warning)

This blog is going to be mainly picture/screenshot based. These are the words and actions of trans activists Show it to the people in your life; see at which point they let out their first “fucking hell”. Remember that the proposed changes to the GRA mean that anyone could self ID. Terf is code for anyone who refuses to lie to a delusional man about biology.


1. Threats of violence, harassment, and abuse





Well done if you managed to get through all that. Sadly, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. I hope it helps you to show people that you are not a bigot, but someone who has bothered to do their homework.


Are you a TERF?

More and more people are becoming aware of the rise of trans activism and are asking questions. One of the main ones seems to be “What the hell is a terf?”. The TRAs are very fair and rarely label anyone a terf, so if you are unsure if you deserve to die in a fire then do this short test.

1. Do you believe that women can have penises?

Yes – continue to Q2

No – you are a terf. Please jump in the fire immediately.

2. Do you believe lesbians or het guys should suck lady-dick?

Yes – continue to Q3

No – you are a terf. Please jump in the fire immediately.

3. Do you think ‘womanhood’ is no more than a costume?

Yes – continue to Q4

No – you are a terf. Jump in the fire immediately.

4. Do you think men know what it feels like to be a woman, better than women do?

Yes – go to Q5

No – you are a terf. Jump in the fire immediately.

5. Do you think women are selfish bigots for wanting to prevent more rapes?

Yes – go to Q6

No – You are a terf. Jump in the fire immediately.

6. Does a dress automatically make a man safe to women?

Yes – go to Q7

No – you are a terf. Jump in the fire immediately.

7. Should women who hold meetings be beaten up?

Yes – go to Q8

No – you are a terf. Jump in the fire immediately.

8. Is it absolute fair that a strapping man should compete alongside women, because he says he’s a woman and is devoid of shame?

Yes – go to Q9

No – you are a terf. Jump in the fire immediately.

9. Should men with full genitalia be given unfettered access to children and women, just by saying they are now a lady?

Yes – go to Q10

No – you are a terf. Jump in the fire immediately.

10. Is it okay for doctors to not know that biology is real?

Yes – really? Well you’ve made it this far, so why am I surprised? Well done for making it to the end and proving that you will say the moon is square if it means you can slap down women.

Everyone else – you want to support trans acceptance, but unless you agree with every mad utterance and demand from the TRAs then you are a hateful terf. Join me in the fire. Bring marshmallows.

Reading list

There are so many excellent blogs out there that I am going to compile them in one easy to access space. Please feel free to add any you come across in the comments.



This one says something I’ve been trying to frame for some time, but so much better than I ever could.



New Cult

Someone posted this on Twitter recently:

The trans activists have often been called a ‘trans cult’ but seeing the above really brought it into sharp focus for me.

The trans movement is currently divided into five distinct camps:

1. Autogynephiles who need to be validated to get their sexual kicks. Throw a few paedophiles into this mix – getting easy access to kids and stopping them going through puberty is their dream come true (see the similarities to PIE in the previous blog).

2. MRA/Incels who are using the fear around trans issues to tear women down. These are usually lefty dudes, who have to pretend to be feminists, but really want women to shut up and do as they are told.

3. Transsexuals, who are being used as a tool to beat women with and have broken cover to speak out against the above.

4. The money makers. There is a lot of money swishing around trans activism. When people in real life ask incredulously how this madness has happened so quickly, the answer is “follow the money”. We are heading towards a huge child abuse scandal; lawyers get ready; you’re in for a bumper payout.

5. People who have fallen for the lies, can’t see the dangers and are happy to lose friendships to defend the cult. Any dissent is labelled transphobic, any logic is ignored. They stick to the script, arguing that black is white, terrified of putting a foot wrong in case they end up on a list. They are in a cult and like all cult members they are unaware of this. They demonise people they once admired, building a bubble containing other cult members. They hand their children over to the cult, terrified by the false stats of suicide.

My heart breaks for all the beautiful children who are going to be mutilated and damaged before this madness ends.

If you are a confused child who has stumbled upon this blog please, please believe me when I say that things change. Your confusion will lift and you can live in your perfect body without harming it.

If you are a parent of a confused child, please do your research. Don’t hand them over to unqualified people with ulterior motives.

It’s also telling how many of the fame trans beg for money online. Funny that.

Being aware of the many different influences around trans activism isn’t transphobic. Making people scared to question them is sinister.

Think, people and speak out to protect this generation.

When you see it…

Years ago there was a craze for ‘Magic Eye’ pictures.

You have to stare at the image in a certain way and an image will ‘miraculously’ appear before you. The first time I came across these was at a market and my partner saw them immediately. I stood there for ages to no avail, so we bought a poster and took it home for me to practice on. I looked at that picture for months until suddenly, one glorious day, The Statue of Liberty appeared in front of me. She was so clear and I couldn’t understand why I didn’t see her all along.

That’s how I feel about trans activism. As someone who was always very active in fighting for gay rights, I was initially horrified that there were people ‘hating’ on the trans community. I spent many a happy night dancing with the transsexuals, back in the day, and couldn’t work out what was going on.

But as you can read in my first blog (Watching the Terfs) I stood back and I observed. Because my instinct was that a group of left-leaning women, who I know fought the same battles as me, do not suddenly become a mob of snarling bigots overnight.

And now, years later, I can see how this is not a case of right or wrong, black or white. I see the classic tactics of abusive coercion being used to silence women and their allies. Politicians, the very people who are supposed to protect citizens, are too scared to speak out. The sad thing is the insistence of forcing people to tell actual lies has given the biggest liar on the planet the ammunition he needs to gain ground. Trans is the left’s blind spot and it doesn’t take a genius to use that for political purposes. Well done wokesters – you’ve scored an own goal for Trump.

When people compare this to the LGB fights of old they are using the wrong comparison. I was there. This is not the same. The accurate comparison is PIE (Paedophile Information Exchange) that people cannot believe existed so openly. Same tactics of trying to remove safeguards for children, same fear amongst ‘progressive’ lefties of not wanting to appear bigoted https://www.theguardian.com/society/2014/feb/26/lobbying-paedophile-campaign-revealed-hewitt

These trans activists are not the vulnerable dysphoric people I used to hang out with. They consist of narcissistic fetishists, MRAs, paedophiles and violent disturbed men. We have to stop treating ‘trans’ as one generic group. These vile predators have leeched onto the movement. They have huge funding and the truth is being muddied using fear, gaslighting and fascist tactics. People fighting them are not bigots or transphobes – many of the opponents are transsexuals terrified of the backlash when the truth comes out.

In years to come, people will look at this and like me with ‘The Statue of Liberty’, wonder why they couldn’t see it all along.

We see you.

Apologies for the flurry of blogs. This has always been my little place to offload all the chaos swirling around in my brain to stop me going mad and lately I’ve needed to do this a lot.

Something struck me today, looking at the current shrieking from the usual trans misogynists – how spectacularly male their behaviour is. It actually made me laugh out loud. I have thought it before, but today it hit me in a big burst of technicolour glory. Let’s look at the evidence:

Wanting to silence women who don’t agree with them – so very male.

Threatening violence for dissent – so, so male.

Refusing to listen to the female point of view – I think we’re seeing a pattern here.

Putting their own needs and feelings above the safety of women and children – tale as old as time.

Groups of men discussing what they will allow and not allow – gestures to the entire planet.

Gaslighting on an epic scale – men, men, men.

Pretending that women are just as violent as men – waves at the MRAs.

This is how we can distinguish between transsexuals and fetishists. The TS just want to blend in and live peacefully. They are looking at the fetishists and wishing they’d shut the fuck up. They can see where this is leading and don’t want to be associated with the shit storm that is about to break.

If you have to bully and threaten people to make them speak an untruth then you are a cult/religion and we’re not keen on that sort of thing in Britain. So toddle along and let sanity resume, like it used to before the American lunacy crossed the Atlantic.

Update 1/10/18 – I have just been told that TAs have put information relating to a gender critical’s children online. You are outing yourself as men by doing this. Women fall out, but we NEVER use children as weapons. Well played men, you’ve just shot yourself in both feet.