When consent is removed.

I see that Graham Linehan is still getting abuse from the woke and the ‘kind’.

Just as I saw this, someone sent me this: https://www.tes.com/news/exclusive-school-staff-failed-stop-six-year-old-playground-rapes?amp&__twitter_impression=true

And my anger rose up inside me and I’m not sure it will ever subside.

Because at the very core of the trans debate is consent. The trans activists want ANYONE who says they are a women (regardless of surgery) to access female only spaces.

Women who say that males, regardless of identity, are a potential threat to females (see Karen White for just one of many examples) are told that they are transphobic bigots for saying this and put on lists or thrown off of Twitter.

So what these woke dudes are saying is that consent must be overridden if it upsets the men. Because they are men. This is not bigoted, it’s provable fact. Penises are not female. Never have been, never will be. I actually feel embarrassed when I see someone say they are. How stupid do you have to be?

That poor girl’s voice wasn’t heard then and thanks to the lefty woke brigade won’t be listened to in the future.

If she wants to join the Guides she will be expected to share a tent with a boy. If she wants to become a gymnast she will be expected to change with and compete against boys because of ‘feelings’.

What I want to know is – where are her feelings in all this? Why don’t they count? Why are all the feelings of women and children who have been abused, raped and battered swept under the carpet because of male feels?

Why is MY consent not considered important when all these men (and sadly women) are discussing giving away my right to privacy and safety? I, who was raped. Are my reactions to male bodies not important?

I’ll tell you why – because I AM a woman and this is proof that these TAs do know the fucking difference.

Transphobic now means protecting women and children. It means questioning the vile and unnecessary mutilation and medicalisation of vulnerable teens. It means doing your fucking research and not just trying to appear woke for cookies. If that’s the name the uneducated want to give me – bring it on. Because I am proud to be on the side of child protection. I am proud to be fighting to maintain sex based rights. Reading about that poor girl has made my flames of anger burn brighter than ever. She deserves a voice. No safe spaces must be given away without 100% consent. And we will fight this, like our mothers and grandmothers before us.

When the full horror of what is being done to kids is known the backlash will be huge and all the lovely transsexuals who are on our side will bear the brunt.

But reading the facts and thinking is so much harder than spouting platitudes, isn’t it?


How many is okay?

In light of the revelations still being unearthed about the depravity that occurred within the Challenor house and the recent study that shows the increase in sexual assaults occurring in mixed sex changing rooms, I have realised the narrative has shifted.

Instead of women having to justify why they don’t want men in their safe spaces, the activists have to prove why they should. Women have never been anti-trans but pro-safeguarding. The Challoner case has proved that there will aways be depraved men ready to pounce, given half a chance, and we were clearly stating that.

So if you are still going to lie and say ‘trans women are women’ without acknowledging that trans no longer means transsexual, but includes a myriad of sexual fetishes, then we have the right to assume your motives are nefarious. And from now on we will. Every. Single. Time.

So before you jump on Twitter demanding that women allow male bodies into their safe spaces you must:

Prove that NOT ONE single extra rape or sexual assault will occur. Ever.

Explain to rape victims why they are being transphobic for being terrified of male bodies in their spaces.

Explain to every female why it’s ok that they will never be able to win at sports, because men have decided to cheat.

Explain why men should be on women’s shortlists?

Go on. Prove that there is absolutely no increase in risk. Because all I hear is how dangerous it is for trans in men’s spaces, but zero empathy for the sex that has had to factor in male violence, every second of every day since they were born.

Women have a right to set their own boundaries.

Women have a right to define woman.

Women spend their lives being told how to prevent their own rapes, but are deemed bigots when they try.

Well, we’re telling you now that we don’t believe men can actually become women. Telling us we must is gaslighting and abusive. I don’t subscribe to your bollocks gender religion. Gender (stereotypes) is a cancer and feminism is the chemo.

Watching the gender wars playing out, I have seen too many dangerous creepy perverts, living out their sexual fantasies. Sinister, women hating, fuckers preying on kids and abusing women. We knew men hated us and watching the dude bros defend the Buffalo Bills over women has confirmed this.

You call us TERFS and transphobes? We now know this means you are definitely either a misogynist, a rapist or a paedophile. Probably all three.

Anyone demanding women allow men into their changing rooms, toilets, refuges or prisons is a rapist. If it’s a woman saying it then she wants women to be raped and children to be abused. This is now fact.

You’ve labelled us to further your sick agenda. I’m throwing it back in your twisted little faces.

Any lawyers out there – you might want to offer your services to any victims of the illegal practice of mixed sex facilities and kids who have been experimented on by the trans-munchhausens.

Any politicians out there – we are watching. One more child or woman gets hurt because of your inability to defend females we will come for you so hard you won’t know what’s hit you.

Women are angry. We are defending our sisters and our cubs. Mess with us at your peril, perverts.

So it’s happened.

This blog is going to be me offloading all the anger bubbling up following recent revelations regarding the Green Party and other events. It will quite possibly be an incoherent mess and sweary, but I need to put it somewhere.

For years women have been warning that the trans movement has been hijacked by women hating types, some of which are clearly not safe to be around children. Yet our fears were constantly twisted to make out we were attacking ALL trans people and lumping them all together in a box labelled perverts. But in reality the opposite was true – we were saying that trans means a lot of things these days and taking away checks and balances meant that the very worst men could use self id as a Trojan horse to enable them to access vulnerable women and children.

And guess fucking what? It’s happened. The very worst scenario has happened. A man, who identified as a young girl while raping and torturing a 10 year old had the ear of his trans identifying son, who campaigned to get rid of safeguards for children, specifically girl guides. A son who was the favourite to be the deputy leader of a major political party.

Yet when people on Twitter are saying “We told you this would happen. We knew it was a risk” men are jumping in accusing them of using the terrible abuse to further their “transphobic views”. The #notalltrans has been astounding and troubling to behold. And people saying that we shouldn’t be questioning a ‘vulnerable’ twenty year old – fuck you. If they are old enough to have a senior position in politics then they are old enough to be held accountable for their actions.

Well, fuck you. Fuck every single, misogynistic one of you. There is a massive fucking epidemic of male violence; paedophiles infest every corner of society and these men think that they won’t take advantage of self id to access more victims? Don’t be so fucking stupid. And if you’re on twitter calling women fascists for pointing this out, then I will just assume you have sinister motives. Because if you still can’t see why women don’t want to allow penises into our spaces then you are either very, very stupid or you can’t wait to creep in and take advantage yourself.

Most men understand why they are not welcome in refuges etc. They know they wouldn’t harm women, but absolutely get why these safeguards are in place. The same applies to most trans women. They know they themselves are harmless, but put the safety of women and children above their own needs.

Sick men will do ANYTHING to gain access to children. They target single mothers for romance, holiday in countries where child protection is non existent, join the priesthood, volunteer in the scouts, etc etc. Look at the paedo rings that flourished in plain sight within Westminster and the BBC. Men protect men. Putting on a dress and demanding fucking pronouns doesn’t guarantee safety, so stop acting like it does.

Women can spot danger a mile off. Trans activism and the silencing tactics are classic abuser warnings and we knew. We still know. And my god, we’re fucking angry.

We’ve been maligned and terrorised just for pointing out a simple truth. But we see you. We know what’s going on. And we will continue to shine a light on the darkness that is at the heart of trans activism. Because we will not sit back and watch children get harmed to satisfy the perverted identities of a group of autogynephiles and paedophiles.

No gender please, we’re British

Dear fellow Brits,

I know we’re having our own identity crisis at the moment, but I think deep down we’re still a fairly pragmatic nation, despite how it may feel.

We had our religious kerfuffles in the past, but now I think we’re mostly in a comfortable place of each to their own, as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone. The phrase “a religious view is like a penis-it’s fine to have one just don’t try and force it down someone’s throat or wave it around in front of children” is where we are these days. Which is apt, because the new religion of gender is trying to cross the Atlantic and we must come together as a nation and say “no thanks – we might be eccentric, but we’re not completely mad”. And if we’re not careful the penis waving will not just be a metaphor.

Those Americans might have swallowed it hook, line and sinker, but they voted in Trump and think squirty cheese is an acceptable foodstuff. Everyone knows that men can’t become women. Everyone. Even the men who want to be women know it’s impossible. Maybe that’s why they are so keen to punch anyone who speaks the truth? In a survey only 18% of Brits support self ID and away from the Twitter wars everyone I speak to thinks it’s bloody nonsense.

There is clearly big money being pumped into trans activism (this is the new tobacco scandal waiting to happen) but it’s clear to anyone with half a brain that you can’t build a movement based on lies.

The fight for the LGB movement was for the rights of adults to love whoever they damn well liked and to have equal rights enshrined in the law. The trans movement is about getting women to lie about their oppression, to please their oppressors, in order not to get called bigots. They have all the rights in law, but they want women to lie to validate their delusions. The cheeky sods then call us bigots if we don’t bow to their demands and let men redefine what it means to be a woman. Do you know what this is? It’s abuse. We older women have been gaslit enough to recognise it. These men are abusive, controlling, narcissistic, child abusers.

Well, tough shit. Women aren’t falling for your obvious misogyny. We know what a woman is and so does everyone else. Some silly bastards might lie about it to appear woke or to enjoy abusing women, but no-one seriously thinks you’re a woman. We see you flashing your fake tits on twitter, ignoring the safety of children and making spoilt brat demands and just think how terribly male you are. You can adopt the horrible stereotypes inflicted on women, but the narcissism and fucking entitlement are there on full display, next to the nylon wig and creepy avi.

The irony is that transsexuals who know they are not women and fight to protect female spaces act in the most sisterly way. They are being hurt by this rhetoric and when the inevitable backlash happens it will be us who jump in to protect them. I see more of them speaking out and know how hard it must be. The true transsexuals just want to fade into the background and live their lives without abuse. This current bunch of Buffalo Bills are forcing them to stick their heads above the parapet, which shows that the lefty dudes don’t really give a shit about trans rights.

I’ve also spotted a few more men speaking out. Really excellent pieces showing they’ve taken the time to learn the real issues, not just swallow the American sexist propaganda. Once people learn that trans no longer means ‘transitioned’ but is an umbrella term that includes fetishists and all sorts of vile perversions the argument is won.

This is not about being anti trans – it’s about being 100% and unashamedly pro-women and supporting our lesbian sisters.

If you want to save Britain from this anti-science, MRA religion then write to your MP. Boycott premises that do not respect female safety and privacy (write to the CEO to let them know), be vocal on social media (just sharing blogs is enough), be certain that you are right. Let’s bring some sanity back to the UK. Women are biological females. No woman has a penis. Shout it proud, shout it loud.


Angry Bird

I hear you’re a critical thinker now, Father.

Lots going on in trans land at the moment. The women’s march seem to think that tweeting “Trans women are women” a million times will make it true, like some kind of sexist ruby slippers. Lots of people (mostly men) are having a little cry because they think that Graham Linehan has ruined their favourite comedy simply by not being a sexist prick. These dudes are either misogynists, thick or haven’t quite joined the dots yet. Why have so many of the women who were at the forefront of gay liberation suddenly turned into nasty, bigoted transphobes who deserve to be beaten? Spoiler alert – they haven’t.

Let’s make it simple for the pricks at the back. Radical feminism is a political movement that does not want equality, it wants liberation from the shackles of patriarchy. One of its aims is to dismantle sexist stereotypes, which damage both sexes and see a new generation free from the chains that cause so much harm. Eg – women are not sexy objects and men are not unemotional robots.

This is the very core of their belief system and I don’t believe you can call yourself a feminist or an ally without subscribing to it. Feminism can’t be about individual choice – it’s a movement that says no to anything that harms women as a class. So when people like Owen Jones are slagging them off it’s laughable. Can you imagine if people told him he must drop all his beliefs and vote Tory or he must be a nasty little racist?

RF gets the most abuse (as opposed to Liberal feminism which says women are free to do whatever they choose) because it is seen as the most harmful to the current hierarchy i.e the patriarchy.

Trans activism IS the patriarchy Once you start looking you bump into MRAs, Incels, Gamer gates, paedophiles and all the other pond-life sliming along at the bottom of the Internet. These are not transsexuals (men who have undergone surgery), these are fetishists who hate women and especially lesbians. If you see a trans account and one of their photos is fake tits on show then it’s not a dysphoria sufferer – it’s an autogynephile. (look at the avi – so many cleavage shots out there, it’s pathetic).

First up is Avery Edison who calls himself a comedian, but seems to make his living begging on Twitter (quite a common theme) and selling cock shots (despite saying genitals don’t matter). He’s all over twitter telling girls they should suck lady dick and they are bigots if they don’t. So just a good old fashioned homophobe. Here he is being very manly indeed.

Next up is Cathy Brennan. I see no reason why he shouldn’t be allowed in women’s safe spaces. Nothing male about this.

Next we have Zinnia Jones telling kids to buy illegal puberty blockers, which could lead to a lifetime of health problems. Do you want this man around your kids? See also Riley Dennis who does videos telling kids how to deal with lady cock.

What about this charmer? People think we should respect his pronouns. Six month old babies being raped and people worry about pronouns.

Do these women not matter? How many more sexual assaults are acceptable to feed a man’s delusions?

And then we have this man, who has been advising on policy, who thought it acceptable to flash his genitals in public.

There are hundreds of tweets like this and this is how we know trans women are entitled, narcissistic fetishists. The genuine transsexuals just want to blend in quietly. They don’t want to force women into saying something they know to be false. They don’t want to define womanhood. They don’t want to change a law that will harm children. Only a man would do that.

I am a woman. I have the right to define myself. No man can define woman. No woman can give my consent.

I don’t know if Graham Linehan will ever stumble across my blog, but just in case he does I will say this:

Thank you for listening to women.

Thank you for looking at the evidence and not taking the easy route.

Thank you for ignoring the American woo woo and seeing through the crap.

Thank you for seeing women as human beings and not the fantasy in a deluded man’s head.

I’m sorry you are getting so much shit, but you are right. And once you start seeing it you can’t unsee it can you?

If anyone has any other evidence showing the misogyny at the heart of trans activism please post in the comments.

What is a woman? (this one goes out to all the AGPs in the house)

“If someone identifies and lives as a woman then they ARE a woman”

Okay Mr and Mrs Woke, shall we unpack that statement just for a second?

Someone identifies as a woman because they feel like a woman? I’ve been a woman for more years than I care to remember, yet I couldn’t tell you what it feels like to be one if you paid me. I know how it feels to be treated like a woman, to live in the body of a female human being but anything else is my own individual personality. And it’s true I don’t know how it feels to be a trans identifying man but that works both ways. You don’t know how it feels to stand up in a public place terrified you’ve got blood all over your skirt OR how it feels for dirty old men to compare you to Page 3 girls when you’re wearing a school uniform OR feeling sick to your stomach because your period is late and your parents will kill you if you’re pregnant OR sobbing your heart out because you need an abortion but the men who rule say “no” OR crying huge snotty tears in a hospital because you’ve found out that your body does not want a baby, even if you yearn for one OR been dismissed from a job when the boss found out you were pregnant OR not got a job in the first place because a male body definitely won’t get pregnant OR been asked to make the tea before a meeting even though you are a senior manager OR have paid the vagina salary tax OR sat at the poolside all holiday because you’re on your period and you don’t know how tampons work OR been told to ‘cheer up love’ just for wearing your normal face OR been doubled up in pain with cramps but carrying on because that’s what women do OR been banned from playing football on FA pitches because the men decided OR had to fight just to be perceived as human in the eyes of the law OR been stoned to death for being raped OR been told you are responsible for your own rape OR knowing that women are hated so much that a country would rather elect someone who abuses them rather than have one in the White House OR…

You say you feel like a woman? What you mean is you feel like showing women how it’s done and, man – that role has been filled 1000 times. I don’t know how you feel but I 100% do know that you have 0% idea what it’s like to be a woman or live like a woman. We are all of the above and so much more, but none of them include peep-hole bras, make-up, cheap wigs or nylon frocks. You want to live as a woman? Funny how you want the lipstick and the wolf whistles but aren’t clamouring to wipe arses or take over the domestic drudgery. It’s almost as if…

Oh and to all you super cool woke dudes out there – imagine if someone was saying they identified as black or disabled and then demanded spaces in programmes designed to promote those groups? You’d be furious and quite right too. Strange how you’re on the other side when women are being told to shut up and suck it up. You wet your pants when a woman commentates on your sacred sport, so god knows how you’d react if a teenage woman decided she was able to represent you as a male officer in Parliament.

Woman is not a feeling. Woman is not a costume. Woman is not a set of gender stereotypes. Every woman on the planet feels differently. Every woman on the planet lives differently. We have a common bond – our biology. So Mr Autogynephile – you may want to be perceived as a woman to fulfil your sexual fetish, but we see right through you. And the funny thing is, you know we’re right and that’s why you hate us so much.

It’s Complicated.

I’ve been off Twitter for a bit so the gender debates have become less prominent in my life. Someone recently pointed out that a well known comedy writer has been bombarded with abuse for questioning trans activism, so I had a little look. In amongst all the bots and the usual trans fanatics I saw lots of people (mostly men) screaming ‘TRANS WOMEN ARE WOMEN’ but offering no back-up to these claims. The frustrating part of the whole debate is the lack of critical thinking or acknowledgement of how complicated the issue is. So I shall now try and list various questions that never seem to get answered, however many times they are asked.

1. What is a woman?

This is a biggy. At the moment the TA line is ‘anyone who says they are a woman’. Women are saying that this is sexist and regressive because if being a woman isn’t based on biology the only thing left is stereotypes. Women who reject gender are still women, so any definition that doesn’t include biology makes no sense. A woman isn’t a feeling inside a man’s head. Feeling an affinity with gender stereotypes doesn’t make you change sex.

2. What is a trans person?

I believe this is the link in the chain where the biggest misunderstandings lie. Trans used to mean a person who has (or was in the process of) medically transitioned to give them the features of the opposite sex. These people suffer from body dysphoria, which I know to be crippling and extremely painful to the person concerned. Many people with dysphoria recover without physical medical intervention, but for the few that don’t then surgery is considered the best option. These people have always (and will always) received support and love from the feminist community. The problem lies with the recent expansion of the word trans to include anyone and everyone. What was a tiny percentage of the population has grown to include transvestites, autogynephiles (men who get sexually aroused at themselves dressed as women), non-binary (people who don’t identify as anything) and anyone with a blue fringe.
So if you are going to argue about trans rights and demand that women give up their safe spaces, then you really need to be clear what you mean by trans. If you are happy to allow men with fetishes into places where women and children get naked then you may have to rethink your values.

3. Is homosexuality transphobic?

Current trans dogma say that if you choose your partner based on their biological sex, rather than their gender identity, then you are transphobic. This is where a denial of biology leads us. If you spent years arguing with homophobes that sexuality is not a choice, this new batch of woke dudes are here to remind you that you are wrong. They are telling lesbians that if they won’t ‘suck lady dick’ then they are bigots. Lesbians are being battered (both literally and figuratively) at the moment and anyone who speaks up for them is being labelled a transphobe. If you believe that homoSEXuality is real, then you are a TERF. Oh, and if you are a heterosexual dude, are you prepared to suck a lady dick if the owner identifies as a woman? If you say no then you are a transphobe under current ideology, so think on before you shout TERF from your high horse. Ditto to gay dudes who reject cunilingus.

4. Is biology real?

Unbelievably there are people arguing that biology is a social construct and that gender is innate. Obviously this is bollocks, but if you repeat a lie enough it becomes the truth. If we change the protections for female spaces from sex (provable) to gender (not provable) them basically we have completely overturned all the things that feminists fought so hard for. We must cater for vulnerable people with dysphoria, but not at the expense of 52% of the population.

5. Should male bodied people be allowed in female sports?

This is an area where I think the hard-core trans activists are shooting themselves in the foot. When you see a biological male, who has done absolutely nothing to transition, beating girls in sports then everyone’s instinct is to cry ‘CHEAT’. By insisting on being included in everything they are highlighting the very problems that women have been concerned about. Same applies to men who feel they can represent women in politics. Lipstick does not compensate for lack of experience.

6. Should we be concerned about the effects of puberty blockers on children ?

Many concerns about the current situation revolve around child welfare. Giving puberty blockers to young children is relatively new and the side-effects are not yet fully known, yet evidence suggests that they are far from benign. From infertility to brittle bones, if we can prevent children from a lifetime of health problems then surely it is our duty to do so? The figures for trans suicides have been widely debunked, yet keep getting quoted by people who should know better. The reality is that roughly 80% of dysphoric children recover without medical intervention, but this number drops sharply if transition is started. Puberty is a bloody difficult time for children and wanting to escape from societal gender expectations is perfectly understandable. Girls are suddenly objectified and boys are expected to become robots. Let’s fight to get rid of these stereotypes instead of watching children think they’ve got to actually switch sides. Women will always try and shield children from abuse and calling us bigots isn’t going to change that. If we can prevent one unnecessary castration or mastectomy then it will be worth it.

7. Should women and girls be allowed to set boundaries?

This is a huge question. In the time of Me Too, when the full extent of sexual assault became known, women are still being blamed for their own attacks. We need to be able to tell girls that they have full autonomy over their own bodies, yet there are people who are gaslighting them into thinking this is bigotry. It is perfectly acceptable for a girl to not want a penis in her changing room and she should not feel afraid to speak out.

8. Are TERF and cis slurs?

For the first one check out terfisaslur.com, and the answer is definitely yes. It’s the new witch, cunt, bitch all wrapped up in turd coloured paper to appear progressive.

We’re told cis means ‘doesn’t identify as trans’. Women don’t identify as women – we just are. Giving people a label for everything they are not is laughable. Do we have to be cis teapots or cis cars? We choose to be called women and anything else is literal violence.

If you want to protect vulnerable trans people and let them live their lives without abuse or fear of violence then hurrah – we are on the same side. If you want to allow trans dogma to reduce women’s safeguards, to validate the identity of misogynistic males then I’m afraid this is where we part company. All I’m asking is that if you genuinely support women, children and people with dysphoria then you take a second to think of how this is not a case of black and white but many, many shades of grey.

Just to be clear trans activism is harmful to women and people with genuine dysphoria. When you are on the Internet screaming TERF, without considering all the many complications involved in the dogma, then the only people you are helping are the misogynists. But maybe you knew that already?