Angry by name… (swear warning)

To all the people telling women they should accept male bodies into their safe spaces:

Women live their entire lives making allowances for male violence. We are beaten, raped and killed at such a rate that we are on constant high alert, always wondering if today will be the day. These fears are not abated by a man’s inner feelings or a dress. So when you tell me that I should protect trans identifying men and ignore my own safety I say NO. A big huge, fuck off NO.

How fucking dare you tell me that one group’s safety is more important than women and children’s? Stop using false stats to try and guilt us into giving way. Women are being slaughtered globally and you have the fucking gall to tell us that we are bigots for not accepting more risk? Stop ignoring all the evidence we send you, because it makes you look like you don’t actually care and you wouldn’t want that, would you??

Fuck off to all the woke blokes who did all the public hand-wringing for #MeToo, but are quick to label feminists ‘TERFS’ for wanting safe spaces. Join the dots you thick as shit pricks. There’s only two – surely even you can manage that?

Fuck off to every man, woman or whatever that thinks a few more rapes is an acceptable trade off for giving up sex segregated spaces. There are already women with permanent trauma because of your tunnel vision. That’s on you, that is.

Fuck off to the teenagers with blue hair who are too thick to understand the damage they are causing. Go away and play Dungeons and Dragons and come back when you have a fully working brain. Non-binary, my arse. It’s not ‘valid’, it’s narcissistic.

Fuck off to the politicians who are so busy trying to be down with the kids, they are actively supporting child abuse and throwing women under the bus. Special fuck off to the ‘politician’ who did a Q&A that not only made her IQ appear to be in negative figures, it also showed her up as the nasty, snidey bully she really is.

Fuck off to the people trying to force us to chant “TWAW”. No-one believes this. Absolutely no-one, but cowards chant it because… well they are cowards.

Fuck off to the women, grooming girls with their shitty podcast. Is that what the ‘Guilty’ stands for?

Fuck off to the men who can see that women are being attacked and still keep quiet. We see you.

Special fuck off to the absolute Gumps who are tying themselves in knots trying to deny basic biology. When gay men want a baby it’s funny how they don’t approach one of the “real women with cocks” they champion so loudly. There must be a reason, I just can’t quite think what it could at the moment. Oh, and all those deliberately misinterpreting Sharron Davies’ analogy – shush. Just shush.

Massive, massive fuck off to the people trying to say male bodies should be allowed in female sports. Whoever says that – we know exactly what you are. Tatty bye incels 👋

Answer me this – if TW have been using women’s facilities for years, and we apparently haven’t noticed, how can they be beaten up for being trans? Either they pass or they don’t.

If abusive men will enter women’s spaces, despite the law, why are TW magically safe when they enter?

If violent men are the problem why are you attacking women for acknowledging this instead of sorting out men? They seem to be the ones getting off scott free in this debate (SURPRISE).

If TW need separate facilities for safety (and I’m not saying they don’t) why don’t you fundraise to build them, instead of giving away ours? That’s what feminists did. Maybe the likes of Lily and Avery could use their begging for this, rather than to line their own pockets.

Maybe men could start making their spaces more inviting to gender non- conformity and even better still, stop being rapey, violent, murdering cunts? Now wouldn’t that be something?

Solidarity with the trans people who are walking side by side with women over this issue. It’s comforting to know you haven’t forgotten our friendship in amongst the noise. I’m sorry you are getting abuse.

This became angrier than I anticipated when I started. But enough is enough. Women are under attack, children are being abused and we need more voices to speak up. I don’t think that all TW are abusive, but I do think that anyone campaigning to remove female safe spaces should have their hard drives looked at.

Women who are speaking out – I salute your bravery. I understand that the current climate makes it hard for some people (this alone should ring warning bells) but there are things you can do:

  • Speak to your child’s school and make sure they inform you of any visits or teaching on this they have planned.
  • Write to your local MP. Give them evidence. Tell them you will not vote for a party that does not recognise the sex class of woman. Make them earn your vote. Do this to every candidate before elections.
  • Speak to your children before someone else does. Tell them that there are no such things as boys and girls toys, clothes or jobs. Tell them it is impossible to be born in the wrong body, despite what society tries to tell them. Teach them that same sex love is nothing to be ashamed of.
  • Talk to people in real life that you trust. Most people are as perplexed by the surge in biology denial as you are.
  • Donate to crowdfunders to support women who have lost their jobs for speaking out. Every pound helps.
  • Don’t lose hope.

There are already too many victims because of this insanity. Please make it stop.


Are you sure, WB??

Dear wokey blokeys,

How’s your smug smile coming along? You know the one; that look that says that you know everything and women know nothing.

You’re so sure, aren’t you? So sure that men know better what it feels like to be a woman, better than any woman. You’re so sure, you’ll tell women that they are bigots for daring to say woman is not a feeling.

You’re so sure that women trying to stop money going to a children’s trans charity are doing it out of spite and not genuine concern for the methods used on tiny, vulnerable kids. You mock Mumsnet, because all mothers are stupid, vacuous bigots in your mind and not women who can spot abuse a mile off.

But how sure are you smug-u-likes? How fucking sure are you really? Think about this. Think about it hard. Because at the moment there is an experiment going on using children’s bodies as guinea pigs, and doctors, professors and parents are being threatened and silenced for speaking out. So how much research have you actually done? Because however much you hate women (and believe you me, we are fully aware that you do), do you really hate women enough to wave through the medical abuse of children? Have you seen the true stats? Not the fake, debunked suicide stats; the ones that show that the majority of trans identifying children grow out of it once puberty is over and they realise it was just their mind hating the changes happening to their bodies. Or the stats that show the frightening number of autistic children identifying as trans, because we live in a world that enforces gender stereotypes and they are particularly susceptible to this type of brainwashing?

Have you even bothered to read the accounts of detransitioners to understand the forces that make people believe they are the wrong sex? No, I thought not. But still you’re so fucking sure.

Have you seen the mutilated arms of a girl transitioning? Or read about the long term effects of puberty blockers? Are you happy to condemn these children to a life without sexual pleasure, a life built on lies that you told them? Because you’re so sure that it’s the kind thing to do, aren’t you? Well are you?

Have you spoken to a rape victim or a family fleeing domestic violence to find out what the emotional effect of being forced to share spaces with male bodied people has on them? No? Maybe you should or don’t you care? But YOU are so sure, that you demand these spaces are given away. Not even your fucking spaces, but consent isn’t your strong point, is it?

Have you looked online at the men telling lesbians to accept cock or they are transphobic? Or do you agree that homosexuality is bigoted and can be overcome? Are you sure you agree with that? Really?

Have you even for one second realised that you are cheering on anti-science bollocks, that says it’s impossible to know who is male and female? Are you sure you can’t tell? Are you really sure?

Because I AM sure that these women you call TERFS just want the best for people with dysphoria. They do not want children to be experimented on at the behest of a cult, but want proper research led by experts. They want women, children and trans people to be safe and recognise discussion is needed. They are not full of hate, but reality.

The trouble is wokey blokeys, I know you. I’ve heard you speak when you think you’re safe. Behind closed doors you mock the people you claim to support. You laugh at your trans ‘friends’. You’re using them to attack women. You know what you do hurts women AND trans acceptance and that is why you do it. But we see you. We see how pathetic you are. You are 100 % bigot and I pity you. Women are amazing and you will never know the joy of being their friend.

So carry on with your fake support of trans rights. Because when it all blows up you will be known as the people who cheered on child abuse, just because you were terrified of women. Operation Woketree.

See you on the other side.


Plain Sight. ~

One of the more troublesome issues with current trans activism is the trend to shut down questioning voices, to refuse debate. Anyone who dares to speak up is immediately labelled ‘transphobic’ and a group of rabid cult members go after their jobs and their families. It’s unpleasant to witness, but it also makes you wonder why the desperation?

I was listening to Desert Island Discs this weekend and the guest was Dame Esther Rantzan, the founder of Childline. This is a telephone support line that enables children to phone up and report abuse. The first night it went live it had 50,000 callers. FIFTY THOUSAND children, who were being sexually abused. This shows you the staggering levels of child rape that is occurring in the UK alone. She then said something that made me stop what I was doing and stand still for five minutes.

“Paedophiles need access to children. In order to gain access they will persuade the people who guard the threshold to let them through it”.

Now if anyone dares raise the question that paedophile rings have spotted an easy way to gain access to children from the fear created by trans activists, they are immediately screamed at and told they are labelling all trans as child abusers. This is clearly not the case. It is perfectly rational to consider that one of the most cunning and self-serving groups out there would spot that the current climate is ripe for exploiting.

When people learned about Savile and co, abusing countless children while hiding in plain sight, they naturally asked how this could happen on such a large scale. Yet when people voice concerns about the welfare of children under this ideology they are called bigots and told they will be responsible for the deaths of thousands of children.

Savile could not have carried on for so long unaided. He was part of a huge ring, which infested every organisation throughout the country. His reign of terror didn’t start at the BBC – it was many years previously, aided with the protection of politicians and police. That ring didn’t die with him.

So when we see police zealously trying to shut down gender critical voices ( ; women being expelled from the girl guides for questioning mixed sex policies ( ; political parties ignoring child abuse from people advising on aforementioned policies ( ; the lottery giving half a million pounds to a trans lobbying group, despite them acknowledging there are safeguarding issues ; companies and schools pressing on with unpopular mixed sex facilities despite them breaking the law; studies showing the terrible side effects of puberty blockers and their ineffectiveness at alleviating dysphoria being silenced; when we see all this every alarm starts ringing LOUDLY.

Mumsnet are being attacked, mocked and dismissed for voicing concerns. There is a good reason for this – older women’s instincts are fantastic at spotting abusers. Every alarm is going off, but at the moment the Orwellian climate means that people are being gaslighted into ignoring the possibility that something horrific is going on under the guise of liberalism.

If debate is constantly being blocked your first instinct should be to ask why.

If men are trying to find a way of preventing their old name being searched on a DBS check, this should flag up danger.

If the women who were on the front line of the LGB struggle are being no platformed and thrown off Twitter, you should be curious of the motives.

If doctors can openly discuss how raping children is not child abuse if it’s cultural, while denying that biological sex exists, then you should be horrified.

If young lesbians are being told that they are not welcome in the gay community unless they accept ‘lady dick’, then you should be wanting to protect them, not throw them to the wolves.

When transsexuals who speak out about their own concerns are called ‘truscum’ by AGPs, then you have to either educate yourself to the complexities of the issues or accept that at some point in the future you will realise that you were guarding the threshold and not only let abusers cross, you actively shot down the army trying to stop them.

There could well be a rotten apple in the barrel that is marked trans. Ignore it at your peril.

This is an excellent thread highlighting the conflict of interest currently ongoing between Mermaids and police. The police should be completely and utterly neutral, but it seems they have learned nothing from the Yewtree scandal.

Say whxt you see. (Content warning. Updated regularly)

This blog is going to be mainly picture/screenshot based. These are the words and actions of trans activists Show it to the people in your life; see at which point they let out their first “fucking hell”. Remember that the proposed changes to the GRA mean that anyone could identify as a woman without any assessment, drugs or surgery. Terf is the new “shut up bitch”.CLICK THE LINK:

ttps://👇👇👇👇 THE LINK :Terfisaslur.comWell done if you managed to get through all that. Sadly, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. I hope it helps you to show people that you are not a bigot, but someone who has bothered to do their homework.#Solidarity

Are you a TERF?

More and more people are becoming aware of the rise of trans activism and are asking questions. One of the main ones seems to be “What the hell is a terf?”. The TRAs are very fair and rarely label anyone a terf, so if you are unsure if you deserve to die in a fire then do this short test.

1. Do you believe that women can have penises?

Yes – continue to Q2

No – you are a terf. Please jump in the fire immediately.

2. Do you believe lesbians or het guys should suck lady-dick?

Yes – continue to Q3

No – you are a terf. Please jump in the fire immediately.

3. Do you think ‘womanhood’ is no more than a costume?

Yes – continue to Q4

No – you are a terf. Jump in the fire immediately.

4. Do you think men know what it feels like to be a woman, better than women do?

Yes – go to Q5

No – you are a terf. Jump in the fire immediately.

5. Do you think women are selfish bigots for wanting to prevent more rapes?

Yes – go to Q6

No – You are a terf. Jump in the fire immediately.

6. Does a dress automatically make a man safe to women?

Yes – go to Q7

No – you are a terf. Jump in the fire immediately.

7. Should women who hold meetings be beaten up?

Yes – go to Q8

No – you are a terf. Jump in the fire immediately.

8. Is it absolute fair that a strapping man should compete alongside women, because he says he’s a woman and is devoid of shame?

Yes – go to Q9

No – you are a terf. Jump in the fire immediately.

9. Should men with full genitalia be given unfettered access to children and women, just by saying they are now a lady?

Yes – go to Q10

No – you are a terf. Jump in the fire immediately.

10. Is it okay for doctors to not know that biology is real?

Yes – really? Well you’ve made it this far, so why am I surprised? Well done for making it to the end and proving that you will say the moon is square if it means you can slap down women.

Everyone else – you want to support trans acceptance, but unless you agree with every mad utterance and demand from the TRAs then you are a hateful terf. Join me in the fire. Bring marshmallows.

Reading list

There are so many excellent blogs out there that I am going to compile them in one easy to access space. Please feel free to add any you come across in the comments.

This one says something I’ve been trying to frame for some time, but so much better than I ever could.